LEV maintenance

Fume cupboard repair

Fume cupboard service

LEV failure will directly affect your organisation ability to operate and can be a costly problem if not addressed.

Extraction system servicing

• Offering comprehensive maintenance schedules for all LEV types.

Annual or Biannual

• Dependent upon equipment usage, we offer annual or biannual SLA’s, our trained engineers can advise on service intervals and contracts.

• All LEV equipment and equipment types including 3rd party equipment.

Emergency breakdown service

• Subject to the number of extraction equipment systems you have, we have a national coverage spanning the length and breadth of the country and at very competitive rates.

Repair Work Services

• Our dedicated team of engineers are capable of undertaking any necessary LEV repair work to ensure optimal working conditions and airflow levels.

• Offering a range of different extraction system repair, extraction system servicing, fume cupboard maintenance contracts and testing services to ensure your extraction system doesn’t fail you.

"We pride ourselves in our work and the training of our engineers to give our customers the confidence to come back!"

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Extraction system servicing