A fume cupboard extraction system should be installed to run efficiently, safely and with the minimum of noise levels. To achieve these requirements all our extract and duct work systems are designed, installed and commissioned to meet the requirements of H.V.A.C. DW154 (Plastic duct work specification ), and B.S. E.N. 14175.

Extract systems to serve educational style fume cupboards will meet standards set out in Building Bulletin 88 or B.S. E.N. 14175

At the fume cupboard company we try and hot air weld as much of the ductwork as possible this prevents leakage and sustains the integrity of the joints for the duration of its life.

We provide a variety of different duct materials these consist of: Chemically resistant P.V.C | Polypropylene | Galvanized Metal.

For extra protection we can also make glass reinforced plastic (GRP) and fire retardant coating for this duct work.

"We pride ourselves in our work and the training of our engineers to give our customers the confidence to come back!"

"Preparation is the key to the performance of any Fume extraction equipment, a well designed and fabricated duct work system"

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