Laboratory Fume Extraction

Vito Lab Room

Automated fume extraction

The Lab Room solution allows the control of the room pressure and temperature in order to prevent the dispersal of contaminants and to ensure optimal air quality and comfort in the laboratory.

Due to the flexibility and precision of the pressure measuring mechanism, Vita Lab Room enables a continuous control and monitoring of pressure in the laboratory. Overpressure is used to keep the contaminants outside the laboratory room while underpressure control ensures that contaminants stay inside the laboratory room.

The solution provides the user with following advantages:

  • Controlled pressure

    - Ensures safety by containing contaminants.
  • Acoustic Alarm

    - Safe operation at all times; visual and acoustic alarm triggering.
  • Consistently optimal

    - Indoor air quality.
  • Thermal comfort

    - With minimum energy usage.
  • Maintain room flexibility

    - Without compromising air movement or quality.
  • Vito Lab Zone

    Automated fume extraction

    The Lab Zone solution allows the system to have a constant duct pressure inside the exhaust duct. The primary function for the system is to provide a constant condition for the Halton Vita Lab Solo solution and to regulate it correctly.

    The Halton Vita Lab Zone allows the fume cupboard control system to have a constant response time and to assure the safety of the user, regardless of the conditions outside the laboratory.

    The Halton Vita Lab Zone is also used in Halton Vita Lab Room (VLR) to measure the total exhaust airflow with the cross-type measurement probe, mounted on the damper. It can also be used to decrease the total room exhaust airflow when the consumption is deemed too high within a room (zonal exhaust airflow management).

    This system can be linked to the Building Management System (BMS), it can also have a Touch Panel or other user interface devices. These allow the user to view the status of the control and to control the various set-points.

    For the standard application, Halton will provide:

  • The Exhaust VAV damper

    - With a Differential pressure sensor
  • VLZ controller

    - With an optional transformer, mounted on the damper.
  • Static pressure measuring unit.

  • Vito Lab Solo

    Automated fume extraction

    The Lab Solo solution provides fast and accurate airflow management for all types of fume cupboards. It is designed for the ventilation control of fume cupboards in laboratories where safety, air quality and comfort need to be maintained at the required level regardless of external conditions. Suitable for fume cupboards in research, production and educational laboratories.

  • Halton Vita Lab Solo is available with different control concepts, depending on the application needs.
  • Basic applications for normal laboratory conditions:
  • Face velocity control

    - Maintains a constant face velocity regardless of the sash position.
  • Dual position airflow control

    - Maintains a minimum face velocity by detecting if the sash is open or closed.
  • Sash position control

    - Maintains a constant face velocity depending on the sash position.
  • - Advanced solutions that meet the requirements for the most demanding laboratory spaces:
  • Sash movement control

    - Controls the sash movement to provide a quick increase of the exhaust airflow.
  • - Sash posistion control helps maintains a constant face velocity.
  • Double sensor control

    - Maintains the face velocity at a predefined level and controls the sash movement.
  • - Aids an exceptionally quick increase of the exhaust airflow.
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