Fume Extraction Services

Fume Extraction Products

Educational Ducted Cupboards

Our Educational Fume Cupboard, has the capability of removing 100% of the fume and smoke created by chemical reactions..

Commercial Ducted Cupboards

The Aero Ducted Fume Cupboard is best suited for industrial and commercial situations.

Educational Filtered Cupboards

This fume cupboard is the most economical protection when undertaking wet chemistry experiments.

Filtered Fume Hoods

Laminar Flow Hoods are a series of high efficiency products designed to protect equipment and other contents of the work zone from particulates

Extraction Arms

Independently sourcing a diverse product range covering all working environments where hazardous dusts and fumes form part of the working process

Duct work systems

We provide a variety of different duct materials these consist of: Chemically resistant P.V.C | Polypropylene | Galvanized Metal and GRP Glass reinforced plastic.
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Fume extraction services


COSHH Testing


COSHH Testing

Our COSHH Test engineers are fully qualified installers, servicing and testers to BOHS P601 (Commissioning and Thorough Examination of LEV Systems)..

Fume extraction fans


Corrosive resistant

Energy saving, providing precise/stable air flow, reducing the need for CAV dampers.
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Service and repair


Service and repair

LEV failure will directly affect your organisation ability to operate and can be a costly problem if not addressed.
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Duct hygiene

Extract ducting is particularly susceptible to grease and other flammable substances accumulating within the ductwork over sustained usage creating significant fire hazards.
Duct cleansing
Fume Extraction
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Fume extraction

Choosing the correct fume cupboard and associated extraction system for your organisation or business can involve complex desicions. The Fume Cupboard Company offers full no obligantion guidance throughout
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Fume Extraction

Is our Specialization having over 30 years combined industry experience The Fume Cupboard Company Ltd provide sound expert advice.
Case Study: 

Fume Cupboard Installation

We have recenty completed this installation for Cortex Organics Ltd in Oxford on Time, on budget.

Dr Yao Shi commented "The Fume Cupboard Company did a full lab fit out for us. Very happy with the quality and finish of the final fume cupboards, benches and shelving. Great communication, speed and reliability as always."

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