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The regular cleaning and maintenance of extraction systems and ventilation systems is essential for good hygiene and for fire prevention. Extract ducting is particularly susceptible to grease and other flammable substances accumulating within the ductwork over sustained usage, creating significant fire hazards. Our Experienced team of extract cleaning engineers have a wealth of knowledge and are trusted by facilities managers and estates managements teams to maintain these areas to keep our clients safe and compliant. Our engineers are fully trained to TR19 & BS15780 allowing an insurance approved certification on completion.

Our services include:

Ventilation Compliance - General Ventilation Cleaning - Ventilation Surveys - Specialised licensed decontamination of hazardous material from ductwork systems - Fire damper checks - Maintenance and installation - Reduction in fire risk through management of all ventilation systems - Ventilation system fire risk assessments - Pre-commission cleaning - Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) maintenance - Re-balancing and commissioning of ventilation systems - Provision of detailed drawings - Provision and installation of new ductwork systems - Environmental decontamination of clean rooms/computer suites - Operating theatre ventilation cleaning.

"We pride ourselves in our work and the training of our engineers to give our customers the confidence to come back!"

"Preparation is the key to the performance of any Fume extraction equipment, a well designed, maintained and fabricated duct work system"

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