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Fume cupboards for schools. This fume cupboard is the most economical protection when undertaking wet chemistry experiments, with its ergonomic design for the capture and containment of chemical fumes. This unit is not recommended for preparation rooms where the fume cupboards are used for long periods of time as this will degrade the carbon filter faster than expected. Available in 1000mm 1200mm widths and with a chemically resistant Trespa base and fixed acrylic sash with a good opening height.

This Filtered Fume Cupboard is compliant with: Building Bulletin 88 (Rev G9) Please note a suitable extraction system will be required in order for the fume cupboard to operate correctly, the extract system should be designed and installed to meet the requirements of D.W. 154 and Building Bulletin 88.

Educational Laboratory Fume Cupboards. The Fume Cupboard Company, can offer a full turn key solution for this with our team of professional engineers this will include if required:

"We pride ourselves in our work and the training of our engineers to give our customers the confidence to come back!"

"Preparation is the key to the performance of any Fume extraction equipment, a well designed and fabricated duct work system"

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